About Esther

Esther worked in European ski and summer resorts in her gap year, cooking in private homes, small hotels, and chalets. The gap year, perhaps inevitably, extended, and she never took up her place at university. Although it must have been a sad loss to the world of Economic and Political Development, she is sure it recovered!

On returning to England, her passion for food and nutrition inspired her to become an advocate for healthy eating and to help educate on the importance of making consistently healthy food choices.

Esther has focused on creating delicious and nutritious recipes that are easy to follow and use everyday ingredients. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she has written The Mediterranean Diet Made Easy to explain the benefits of this diet and provide healthy cooking and nutritional advice and tips.

Her book has become the go-to resource for anyone interested in the Mediterranean Diet or healthy eating in general. She continues to encourage others to embrace a healthier lifestyle through her writing and passion for good food.

Her mission is to make healthy cooking accessible and appealing to everyone, regardless of their cooking skills or budget. Her goal is to help as many people as possible to make healthier choices and to spread the message that healthy food can be delicious, satisfying, and enjoyable.

She had horses (for more years than she will admit to); riding, teaching, competing, and generally obsessing over the equestrian discipline of eventing.

Esther also loves (in no particular order) coffee, cooking and entertaining, radio 4, cinema and theatre-going, Tudor history, golden age crime novels, animals in general, and dog-walking in particular.

She lives in Nottinghamshire, England, and has a very spoiled Border Terrier.